Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Performance in an Individual

Over time scientists have begun to study why standard intelligence along isn’t enough to predict performance in an individual. They have realized that there is another type of intelligence that isn’t related to the standard cognitive intelligence…it\’s called emotional intelligence.

The study of emotional intelligence has its roots in the work of Darwin who posited that emotional expression was essential for survival. About EI it could be said that it is the ability to be aware of your emotions and the emotions of others and then to use that knowledge to help manage the expression of emotions…so that they foster success instead of cause roadblocks.

Those who have high levels of EI are able to understand the physical., mental, and social impact that negative emotions have on their bodies, minds, relationships & ability to pursue & achieve goals. They then are able to moderate their own emotions so that their emotions support their activities & enhance their quality of life…

People with high EI are proven to be more successful in the workplace because they can understand their emotions & why they behave the way that they behave. And they can use their EI to truly understand others & their points of view.

Emotional Intelligence involves a combination of competencies which allow a person to be aware of, to understand & to be in control of their own emotions, to recognize & understand the emotions of others & to use this knowledge to foster their success & success of others…..

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